Train To Belfast (2017)

In March 2016, I traveled to Dublin for the first time and took the train to Belfast. During the journey, I had some melody in my mind while enjoying the scenery around Ireland which later, ‘Train To Belfast’ were composed. The song were released in February 2017. I went back to Ireland and Northern Ireland in July 2018 and this time, I documented every single journey and here is the summary of my musical trips

Charlie Stewart, Faliq Auri & Luc McNally - Inang Medley

A collaboration between UK & Malaysia musicians. Playing Malay Traditional tunes. Charlie Stewart (UK) - Fiddle Faliq Auri (MY) - Whistle / Uilleann Pipes Luc McNally (UK) - Irish Bouzouki

The Three Pipers : Blackthorn Stick / Lark In The Morning

Amirul - Uilleann Pipes
Raja Hizami - Smallpipes
Faliq Auri - Uilleann Pipes

Faliq Auri Trio - Mother and Child / Tommy Peoples

Two Reels : Mother and Child, followed by Tommy Peoples’. Lovely sound of Concert Pitch D Uilleann Chanter made by Bill Haneman.